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The specialized needs of businesses have created tremendous demands on temporary staffing companies. Hiring the right individual for a full-time position or a temporary position is a time consuming and costly process. Many companies utilize temporary employees to test the possibility for a permanent position and to determine the qualifications of prospective employees.

Because we invest the time and effort properly instructing and assigning workers, hiring prospective full-time employees through Supplemental Solutions, Inc. is an efficient way to accomplish this goal.

Through regional and state-wide recruiting, we ensure a ready supply of pre-qualified applicants for most job classifications. Thus, your costs for recruiting, advertising and administration are substantially reduced.

In-depth applicant interviews designed around the customer-supplied criteria and our knowledge of the field ensures the placement of applicants with the “best fit” for our customers.

Not only do we interview, but we carefully review all prior work histories of the candidates, skill sets, education and employment references.

Supplemental Solutions, Inc. will be responsible for all of our employees working on your premises, excluding day to day supervision. This responsibility includes the following:

� E-Verify
� Worker’s Compensation Insurance

� All Payroll requirements
� Reference Checks
� Pre-employment drug screening.